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———          Propeller Installation Demo          ———

        > CineRace20

        > Venom H20 2''

        > Explorer LR 4

        > HEXplorer LR 4


———                     How To Bing                     ———

        > TBS Crossfire

        > ELRS

        > XM+

        > DJI 


———            How To ARM The Drone            ———

———          How To Restore The Drone          ———

    1. When you receive the drone. We have set everything up for you.

    2. If you bought a set (drone + remote controller/drone + remote controller + FPV Goggles) from us. We have "bind" for you. All you need just charge the battery so that you can enjoy your flight.

    3. If you just bought the drone. All you need to do is bind to the remote control and then you can start your flight.

    4. This method is only applicable when you set the drone incorrectly and the drone cannot be used normally.

        > Restore Demo 

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